We Are 

Jewels of the Kingdom


We want to know What You Think

is a "Jewel" a "Gem" a "Crystal"

in the Northeast Kingdom


Is there Somewhere? Something? Someone? that you think is a Jewel, a Gem, a Crystal of the Northeast Kingdom?


We are “Jewels of the Kingdom” and we are want to know what you think makes the Kingdom special.



As long as it is in the Northeast Kingdom - it doesn’t matter what it is; building, park, church, lake, bog, view, restaurant, bar, mountain, library, person, … Whatever!


Haven’t you ever said, “This - is the reason I live in the Northeast Kingdom!" 



Every Jewel of the Kingdom description is a chance to win, a $50.00 gift certificate, to the restaurant of your choice, anywhere in the Northeast Kingdom.


Contact Us and let us know. 

Check back often to read what people have to say and the places they recommend. 


The Northeast Kingdom is unique.  There are no other "Kingdoms" in New England. That makes its people distinctive.